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Weapons/Back Item Not Rendering After Randomizing Glider

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As per the title, I'm running into a fairly specific bug, but I can replicate it consistently:


-Check "Randomize Glider". I've seen this one happen with any of my gliders selected.

-Glide anywhere, for seemingly any amount of time.

-Once in combat, weapons and back pieces will not load until I reload the map/relog. They will reappear once out of combat, but again disappear once in combat.

-Unchecking "Randomize Glider" fixes the issue



-Windowed Fullscreen

-No Frame limiter


-Animation: High

-Antialiasing: SMAA Low

-Environment: High

-LOD Distance: Medium

-Reflections: All

-Textures: High

-Render Sampling: Native

-Shadows: Medium

-Shaders: Native

-Postprocessing: None

-Model Limit: Low

-Model Quality: Highest

-Ambient Occlusion, Best Texture Filtering, Effect LOD, High Res Character Textures, Light Adaptation


Relevant System Specs:

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU

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