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Players Know It's Not Right Because They Mention It But Won't Take It To The Forums, So I Will


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17 hours ago, Xenesis.6389 said:

Ahem... excuse me sir... but where in this entire thread... do you see me complaining about tempest or catalyst that you feel the need to personally give me advice on them? I'm just calling you out on the fact you think elemenalist have not had the time in the meta, and they have, for more than "4 months".

I already walk away from 1v1's from half the specs in this game, cause they're either stupidly op against my spec, they're not fun to face, or they're tiresome to fight, no skin off my back, fotm builds get the gank treatment.

That's fine. I already made my point though, it's up there ^^^^ which is that I don't feel sympathy for Necro mains.

Your two cents vs my two cents is just four cents. 😂

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