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Do healers get good rewards based on contribution or is it not good?


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They never were good. The best time for firebrand specifically was largely when firebrand did not exist (pre 2018), staff used to hit 5 targets in a 600  300 range which is why it was called a loot stick.

My advice to you regarding this is to not play heal scrapper with med kit.

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Recently I've played both a tempest and a mechanist in WvW. In heavy fights, my tempest was doing non-stop healing and cleansing, while in the same kind of situations my mechanist would be blasting the enemy zergs with a flamethrower while my mech was set to support and melee. I got far more bags from killing enemies and my jade bot finding things as a mechanist than as a tempest, something like 3x more. Anecdotally, I've heard others saying similar things. A while back, Anet said it was going to increase rewards for support classes but I don't think that has happened yet.

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Pure heal skills are counter to the way kill credit is set up in this game.

You have to still "tag" for credit even though you get shared contribution towards it from those you are supporting.  So it depends upon what kind of support class and build you are playing.  Some are better than others at tagging.  I've gotten a ton of bags playing support scrapper (making sure to use the damage skills) and heal/shoutbreaker compared to full minstrel firebrand.  The worst is support vindicator.  I've gotten more bags with celestial firebrand over minstrel.  Also adding in celestial to a support tempest gives more bags.  Again, it comes down to badly designed skills like pure heal/boon skills with no damage component and whether you are playing completely passively or not.


Kill credit and loot for support-oriented players has been low, and we want to reward players for assisting their allies, so the shared credit contributions are going up by a solid amount. You still need to tag an enemy for the bonus support credit to come into play; standing around passively granting boons is not gameplay that ought to be rewarded, but this will offer a larger opportunity to weave support-oriented skills into group combat situations and get rewarded for it.

  • Increased the support credit given to players by 50% for granting boons, cleansing conditions, healing, and reviving.



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No but what they have been doing (and will continue to do) is to move the bulk of rewards away from drops and into these new WvW rewards so the difference becomes smaller.

Probably easier than properly measuring contribution via tags, which doesn't work well in any part of the game and is more or less an obsolete way of rewarding in literally everywhere besides WvW and core Tyria.

The only real things they could try doing is either remove the damage requirement for tags (already true with yaks) or just allow whatever your party tagged if you're in combat and nearby but even that might be too much work.

Killing enemy players isn't particularly profitable, as heavy loot bags are getting more worthless by the day and not even guaranteed; they become spikes really fast. Even if you say playing support has gotten you 100,000 less kills and optimistically assume that was 20,000 bags and 80,000 spikes, that would have meant you "lost" like 600 gold. I suppose if you farm exclusively uplevels that could be 1000.

Ok we could also add in like, 5 million wxp from 100,000 kills which is like...1000 levels. (How much is a wxp lvl worth, 30s?) So that's 300 more gold.. Pop a booster to make it 600.

So with some screwy and self-serving rounding let's just say 100,000 kills is worth 2000 gold. So you should be charging your squad 1 gold for every 50 kills you would have made. But that's unwieldy so just ask for a legendary for every 100,000 kills.

Yea WvW rewards are bad.

edit: my math is probably bad but like wvw rewards are so bad from drops it may as well be a rounding error.

edit 2: just ecto gamble.

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