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Casual gearing for some group content


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Hello all.  I'm a very casual mostly solo player.  My preferred build is dual dagger / dual pistol conditions.  Not looking for full build advice, there's plenty of guides out there for that.  Just wondering what kind of stats I can get away with in a general sense to stay alive if I dip my toes into group content.  I'll still mostly be a solo player, but want to try out other things as well, and not be a detriment to the group.  Do I need to get some tough/vit?  I do a fair amount of self-healing from poisons and crits, but I don't want to go down like a wet noodle if I take one big hit.  I just crafted a full viper's set, so that is taken care of, but what should I do with the other slots? 

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I only play Specter for a conditions template and I like the Ritualist rollout, mostly WvW though, but I take it everywhere because it's kind of basic. You'll probably see more Vipers around generally though. 

Kill rate and mob to mob kill rate during map travel is also important to survival or things snowball and more can go wrong. You can slot life steal on interrupts or something for clutch healing but you'll probably end up just using whatever the standard stats are if you're trying to hit up group encounters anyway since survival is mostly knowing what's coming up and tuning into body language.

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