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Fort Aspenwood event in Echovald bugged

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There's hardly anyone doing this event anymore so it's really hard to get a group together for it. So when we finally did get a group after waiting all day, it bugged on us in multiple ways.

1. The turtles kept getting stuck and freezing in place.
2. The base acted like we were already at the end in "everybody get out" mode right from the start, with constant burning stacks, throwing downed players out in midair and so on.
3. The NPC for getting into the lower level was bugged, so we couldn't get down there.
4. This is blocking progress on multiple achievements with targets inside the base, including lighting jade lanterns and the "Fate of House zu Heltzer" collection. Which having those locked behind this base meta event frankly is kitten poor game design.

Fix this, please.

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Again, this bugged out because the NPC wouldn't move past the unkillable mech arm. I even kited damage to them to kill them, to unbug them. All that then happened was their health went up to 100% and they stayed focussed on the unkillable mech arm.

Is it possible to fix this bug? At minimum, can you get rid of the force fields around all the mech arms so we can kill them?

This bug has been present since EoD was released. Please fix.

Alternative option: remove both the tapestry piece and the lanterns from inside the facility.

IP I was on this time: 25

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The start of the meta event is apparently on a timer. 2 separate times, I've arrived and the starting event isn't active. These are siege turtles here but no interactable NPCs or an event going on. I don't know if this event even starts anymore or if its completely broken. Having achievements locked behind this event is unbelievably unfair. The wiki didn't help. I guess I will just add this to the list of impossible achievements. Its a long list.

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