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WvW new rewards


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Personally I find the rewards a great first step as I am still working on legendary armor, and the extra tickets shaves a pile of time off the whole drawn out process. I previously was full time PvE, and had only played WvW long enough to make one ring, then I thought armor would be cool - but was at the point of taking an extended break due to the excessive amount of time needed per week for Diamond (and decent rewards) - then this system came along, and the levels and tickets are rolling in, and, have given me a renewed view of WvW as a whole.


I also do agree that a vendor/merchant should be put in for veteran players to spend their excess tickets/shards on - something exclusive to WvW.


But please don't nerf the rewards, new players are coming in (at least to try WvW out) and the (start of) improved rewards may convert a few to full time WvWers - and more players means bigger, better fights  (hopefully)

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The biggest issue and here's where most will disagree is its low-level effort for high-value rewards. Sit on Castlemist walls for 5 minutes to get an easy half-a-level. It's the Gw2 community, they are all sheep that run to abuse it.


Our problem with WvW has always been server balance and lack of combat outside of EB. The new reward system has made this worse tenfold. The queue on EB is outlandish nowadays and as I stated earlier. There are barely any players to defend its own borderlands now.


The worst part will be that because Anet sees that the numbers have fluctuated and increased drastically, they will do absolutely nothing because in their eyes. They've done a good thing.


And so for those of us who are roamers, and who focus on our own borderlands, we get nothing and can barely defend anything. meanwhile, those who are jumping at the opportunity of abusive a terrible mechanics are just getting an easy boost to God(ess) of WvW

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