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Why Does Berzerker Feel Tankier Than Junksworn and Dragon Trigger Hit Like an Auto Attack? 😂 (pvp)


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It's no knock against Zerker, it needed and still needs love. But wow oh wow Junksworn just got glossed over and is still so incredibly terrible.


For getting rooted for such a long time, longer than any other spec in the game, we end up stunning and doing barely any damage. 

Mind you we have no stab at all and only 2 stacks of aegis to keep us from getting interrupted (cuz they took our stab away...), and for all of that waiting we still do next to nothing. It's down right criminal.

I get that the intention here was to not over bloat the ability of dragon trigger, but this damage is just begging to get buffed.



And on top of that, Junksworn feels glassier than Zerker... the class that is litterally supposed to be a glass cannon. And Junksworn is made to be a brawling tank that can take hits. This lack of care for giving this gutted spec more defense and offense is clearly showing.


The glaring issue here with this dead EoD spec in pvp is that they needed to address shouts/tactics and bladesworn skills! After the shout nerf this spec has never recovered and Defense can't pick up the slack.


  • Let us store our bullets in combat while in dragon trigger so we don't have to be as insanely vulnerable. This will add to the low skill ceiling for the spec and add more interesting gameplay. You did this sort of idea with Berserk mode (which was very good and warranted) and now we need a similar change with our F2.
  • Buff the baseline damage of all the Dragon Slashes.
  • Buff Might Makes Right so that BS can get more healing (also would encourage Strength sb's which are lacking now as they all favor Defense).
  • Decrease the cd of Shrug it Off to 45 seconds (33 when traited) and removing 3 condition's instead of 1.
  • Increase the range of Dragon's Roar to make pistol more viable.
  • Decrease the cd of Dragon Spike mine to 30 seconds.
  • Increase the range of Flicker Step to 350 at least.
  • Overcharged Cartridges should be buffed so that explosions also have an increased blast radius by a certain amount (in addition to their other effects).
  • Update the cd for Dragonscale Defense so that it has the correct display of 8, not 15. Also increase the duration of protection to 5 seconds.
  • Daring Dragon should be reworked to where the subsequent Dragon Slashes happen immediately after following the first one. No more charging up every single time. It would happen back to back to back immediately until adrenaline runs out.
  • Flow Stabilizer needs a buff. 
  • Tactical Reload should reload 3 ammo on the users pistol instead of the current 1. That way it'll again incentivize pistol use and also could lead up to big pistol explosion combinations.
  • Brave Stride in Strength should be buffed so that we have more Stability access.
  • Let us skin our freaking identical brown gun sticks with GS skins or something!


There's many many more changes that could be said here, but bladesworn needs more than just a freaking range increase.



the Warrior Community ❤️

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because it was designed to be weak and flawed, every warrior weakness and flaw incarnated into a playable (not so playable in competitive) elite spec. 🤣


it was very balsy, i still think it was awesome, an ambitious and rebelious middle finger to the norm. admittedly very outside the box. 🙂 maybe a bit too outside the box. 🤣


sadly, the implementation and outcome was clunky as hell for competitive game modes. but everyone saw it coming. 🤣


even if bladesworn was designed to be rewarding for its vulnerabilities. if you compare it to the ease and reward implemented on other classes it would never be as good from a balance perspective without breaking the game, because its designed around being weak and flawed. 🤣

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So much could be improved if they just put stab back on Dragonscale Defense in competitive modes. Even 1.5 to 2s would be fine. There just needs to be some protection while charging.


The ranged AA is decent...it doesn't do much dmg and could stand to be buffed (or at least speed up the AA chain a bit by removing/reducing aftercasts since most of the ranged dmg is in the 3rd shot).


Blooming Fire just might have beenthe worst skill in the game. Now it's the worst ranged skill in the game. This definitely should have stayed a melee attack (we now have gunsaber 1-3 that all do ranged dmg). It just needed a 1/2s cast, it's dmg buffed +25%, and preferably it's range increased to 180.


The Artillery slash changes are pretty bad. The reduced recharge is nice, but it's still a sizable DPS loss on a spec that already struggled with sustained damage output (in competitive, at least).


That said, I've had decent success with Tactics/Arms/Bladesworn. You're pretty tanky, and still hit some decent dmg numbers with the right gear. Definitely not A tier, but it's decent in some matchups.

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