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Reaper's onslaught needs the impossible odds treatment


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The funniest part is that CTTB is still a bad skill outside of trash mob scenarios, and even there the quickness part is redundant at best. Like, if I pull in trash I'm going shroud and pressing 4 to win anyway, why would I waste time on casting CTTB if I get my quickness in shroud?

In anything organized, it's still Lich vs Golem. CTTB does not do enough breakbar damage to compete with Golem, or just enough damage to compete with it either (despite hefty coeffs, they did forget that utility skills use pitiful weapon strength and all that amounts to is what, 15k damage on best of days on 1s casttime? Look at your weaponskills and see how DPS-effective casting that is, spoiler alert - not at all), Lich remains the best burst option albeit still a super clunky/bad one, it ain't OWP by any stretch of imagination. 

If you want to make something with Onslaught to justify it's self-quickness and maybe a buff, my hope slash dream would be just making Shroud not replace your HP like it's Harb for when you're using Onslaught. Give up all defensive qualities of Shroud for cracked DPS and self-quickness in it, sounds fair enough. Would also fix Reaper's annoying issue of shroud (thus DPS) melting to things that don't affect normal classes. 

Best thing to buff Power Reaper right now would be giving Spite attention. Not only it's just a bad power dps traitline, it also limits any other power DPS builds (like harbinger, or god forbid, core). Then it'll be weapons as very, very close second; They suck. Anything but greatsword just sucks for power on necro. 

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