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Living World things added to expansion


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The one thing I would love is that the living world thing where is u do the 1st 2 episodes on one character and then u get bored u can change it up and run any other character. u don't have to stay the same toon... makes things better. unlike when an expansion comes out. u get only 1 toon to do the story. I like the select which story I want to do.... its so nice


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What I think OP is trying to say is that Living world seasons are broken up into episodes. This means you can, for example, play the "All or Nothing" story on one character, then play "War Eternal" on another character. Meanwhile, Expansions so far require you to play each Act in order on one character. Can't switch to a new character for Act 2 of PoF for example.

We do not know yet how this will work for future expansions, especially when it comes to the quarterly updates (that are now considered part of the expansion, rather than a separate episode). However, we'll see next week with the first quarterly update what they have chosen.

Personally I don't mind not being able to switch characters though. I play through the story multiple times anyway.

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