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Mastery point XP notification missing

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I have seen lots of people complaining about the notification message that appears in the bottom left of the screen, telling the player that enough XP has been gained to level up a mastery track, and how it won’t go away.


I am having the exact opposite problem. The notification has stopped appearing for me a few weeks ago, and I have missed opportunities to increase my mastery tracks because nothing appeared to tell me to level up. There is no option to toggle notifications for this on or off anywhere that I can find.


When I wrote to the Steam support team about this, I was told that, unfortunately, there's currently no way to manually add that kind of notification due to limitation of our tools,” and encouraged to report it on the forum instead.

Have any other players experienced this issue, is there any workaround (I doubt it, but it never hurts to ask), or could an option could be put in the game to toggle this notification on or off.


Link to another player’s photo relating to this issue, in case anyone wonders what I’m referring to:  https://i.redd.it/j1vv34cy5vo71.jpg


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You can easily see your Mastery Track's progress at the bottom of your screen.  When it is full, you can unlock that track if you have the requisite Mastery Points. 

Also:  Experience earned at level 80 is never wasted.



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Thank you for your reply.

I am well aware that the bar at the bottom of the screen shows the progress towards being able to level up the next mastery track. And I am also aware that experience is never ‘wasted’ since it goes towards earning spirit shards every 254,000 XP earned.


However, that does not negate the point of my post, which was to point out that the notification does not appear for me, and I would prefer that it did.


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On 2/19/2023 at 9:55 AM, Malarkey.3021 said:

option could be put in the game to toggle this notification on or off

That's the only reasonable option, unfortunately this pop-up is only meant to be annoying, so there is no such option.

It shows or no depending on which map you are, for example if it was nagging for Central Tyria, then moving to a map from Path of Fire makes it stop.

To check why it stopped for you, would need to add more data (like screenshot of masteries and what map), and compare with other posts. But of course this won't change its behavior, so not really a point to dig into it.

Just use boosters for XP to quickly fill the bar.

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