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Can't join a map for WvW


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Each evening since a few months i go roaming with my friends.


But today  can't play at all.




May i know why i can't play?

Since few months i never got a problem and could play each evening with my friends.


But i guess the game is trying me to tell me i should stop playing WvW like i always do since months with my friends?






Well i guess people join to play the gamemode they enjoy.

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you can´t play because the maps are full. simple as that. Too many people trying to play at the same time, exceeding the player-limit on the maps, thus getting put into the queue. 

The new weeklies may or may not be a factor here, but it shouldnt be too much. It´s the last day you´re able to finish them before the weekly reset tho, that may be a factor, but expect it to be even worse tomorrow since the weeklies will reset and a lot of ppl wanna have them "checked off for the week" asap

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That is a body Que for entry into WvW battle maps.  There are only so many bodies, for each team, that is allowed on those maps.  You'll have to wait until your Que pops for you to enter that map that you queued on.  Now, if that que happens on a Friday, that's reset night.  A lot of guilds que up for Reset night. A lot of guilds specifically choose certain days to play in WvW, due to ques on reset night.  


Your options:

1.  Wait patiently, until your que pops.

2.  Choose a day that you know that there is low que or no que to play with your friends.  If they are available to play with on those days/hour.

3. Go to the Edge of the Mist, which is the waiting battle map that you can play on, while waiting for your Que to pop for regular

WvW combat on Eternal Battlegrounds or the Borderlands.

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