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Li pve instance : mirage alac vs condi virt?


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"The best medicine is the one the patient takes"
Whichever you find you perform the best on, but more alacrity and might coverage isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm not sure if SnowCrows is fully up to date but according to the site they get the following but this will be on a golem so real world performance is usually lower and whichever you find easiest will always give you better results.
Alac mirage: ~30K dps
Condition Virtuoso: ~38K dps

Below is the builds with gear and rotation notes:

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tks for your input 🙂 Tried a bit of virtuoso, dpsmeter tells me i m better at it so i feel less useless,  but its hard to find out regarding alac from mirage.. also i feel much more tanky on mirage with all the evades and wutnot. But it is also more difficult to ramp up condi dmg.. i might use both anyway depending on my focus and difficulty of encounter, i guess ^^

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I v been doing some alac, it's pretty fun and chill with all the dodges and evades but I find it pretty stressful to ramp up damage with max clones and timing shatters, especially when I get interrupted and cc or I have to dodge to.. Well actually avoid dmg. 

I m quite new at it tho and still find it so fun to play so I ll get better at it eventually 😁

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