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Mantra still need tweak and extra boon buff.


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I think all mantra on mesmer are feel WAY underpower right now in PVE vs Firebrand and especialy the mantra of pain on a power variant in PVE. It feel unreal clunky is out of combat auto charge DOSENT WORK like it should (Firebrand) !!! Mantra of pain should at least have an extra ammo charge to make it viable to give that little extra burst how now missing since last change. I can understand that Anet try to add more heal possibility on mesmer but mantra still feel way underpower vs a healbrand /cqb/quickherald/hh/alacmech (ham)/scrapper maybe druid, tempest or cata (PVE wise) buffer cannot compete. If you want to make it viable you guys need to add more different source of boons on it cause otherwise there only 3 overused buffer will be mentionned. Its still getting better but i think old chaos share mesmer should be back to be able to compete agains other boon givers. Likem mantra of concentration give stab but that about it and the boon give by the channeling time make no sense cause it cast at then end of it. Mantra of distraction so weak on a cc bar its not even close to any type of other hard cc class. Mantra of resolved for PVE player no needed anywhere cause you will probably have so much light fields no point to bring it. 


To be honest to make mantra reliabe they should have option in inspiration trait line maybe at least to give depeding what mantra you are taking protection, resolution, might and fury as basic buff and then you can take quickness but of course alac is jailed to wells so you cannot give both at same time alac and mantra.

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