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I made a f2p account just to test out core guardian in pvp vs 100s of hours using my necro


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i was mashing random buttons and DECIMATED the other team mates by doing literally the most bare minimum effort possible which never, ever was that easy for any necro spec since they can get easily downed as soon as the enemy player uses more offensive attacks due to their weak defense.


A.net should give elite necro the same choice of mobility and protection, instead of squishness despite its lower DPS compared to many classes because "muh second HP bar". A class that can channel the spirits of the undead and use dark arts to cast curses should theoretically be an intimidating force on the battlefield, since RPGs usually make magical classes more powerful than pure melee ones.

A.Net's philosophy with balancing the classes doesn't really make sense to me, but anyone who is familiar with GW1's necromancer and other classes can tell me what it was like?




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  • Hologram.2810 changed the title to I made a f2p account just to test out core guardian in pvp vs 100s of hours using my necro

someone posted a video of a guy trying both necro and guardian (I think) against the DSP Golem with the area damage activated. Reaper died right after Shroud was done and barely did anything to the Golem. On the other hand, he just kept spamming all skills on the guardian and not only he killed the Golem, but he basically took no damage at all.

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That might be a build issue although it could be that and a skill issue, I'm not sure. With the exception of scourge, all of the other necromancer classes are decently strong if built well and played well. If I were to rank them as far as ability to handle straight fights outside the means of map objectives it would be Necromancer > Reaper > Harbinger > Scourge with Harbinger falling to last if it has to fight any elementalist.

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