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Create an engi and get eod elite spec, make it power rifle mechanist. This will get you a long way while you figure out things about game and updating yourself. Pretty cheap gear wise. Check youtube for guides from relevant content creators and can use hardstuck.gg for builds. Guild Jen has pvp builds.

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There are a lot of good guides out there. As previously mentioned Hardstuck.gg (mightyteapot on youtube) is a good one. I also use Mukluklabs (muklukyoutube). For pvp Guild Jen and Vallun on youtube is great.


Also if you want something real chill look for Low Intensity (LI) builds. These are nice simple to play but still powerful builds to take into content that are easy to learn.

I am sure I've missed some other resources but those are the ones I've used. Good luck and have fun!

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Vallun has videos of particular use for players just getting in or back into the game. He features a series of builds that try to set you up to be adaptable across all game modes, with a minimum of changes, so you don't have to completely rebuild and relearn your character each time you switch. Great for when you are starting or restarting.

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