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PVE Testing Condi Chrono


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Hello peeps, I'm testing a new build i have been having fun with on the Condi Chrono the bread and butter of the build is high phantasmal output and high shatter rate on clones.

     We are using Phantasmal Force  and Bountiful Disillusionment to get near instant 25 might at our burst with all the phantasm summons and shatters.

     We are using Shatter Storm to help shatter all the clones we generate and Maim Disillusion to add a lot of torment to the target.

     We use Signet of illusion to reset Rewinder which allows us to shatter it a bunch of times especially if you pair it with continuum split so you can get nice stacks of confusion and torment on the enemy.


Illusionary Reversion and Signet of illusion are used to help with clone generation for shatters, the key is to always have 3 clones when we shatter so we can trigger illusionary Reversion

I'm hitting about 13k dps at the moment but i don't have a hard set rotation so it might have the potential to be a little higher.

I'm always open to critiques hope peeps enjoy the build and have a great day all.


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Why Seize the Moment over Chronophantasma?  For a phantasm focused build it seems like a sure fit. Does the Quickness make up for the DPS difference?

Also no off set?  Scepter/Shield is a great pairing for Condi Chrono with Staff.  Scepter AA is a very strong Clone generator and the blocks are very useful. 

I’m also a fan of Improved Alac over Illusionary Reversion. Having skills that generate clones and phantasms up more often feels like better value than adding an additional clone on shatter.   This the gets into changing out a couple of Signets for Wells and perhaps skews the build to far from where you started but it’s the approach I tend to take. 

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From testing with Chronophantasma its great for triggering Phantasmal force  to get more might but you over cap on the might in your burst phase  and it slows down shattering a lot because you have to wait for them to attack then resummon and attack again which eats into your shattering time and slows your uptime of torment.

I haven't done much testing just yet with off hand because the reset time on staff skills is so fast to upkeep clones that i found it difficult to swap back and forth. Maybe try staff staff and have a sigil on weapon swap?

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I was just trying this build out in the Dragon Stand meta and had a lot of fun with it. Seems to be pretty effective and straightforward to play. I had cele armor & viper trinkets, so not an exact replica of the OP's build but still worked well.

Hardest thing with staff was to not constantly try to use dodge, since for my muscle memory: staff + mesmer = Mirage.  

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My current iteration of this concept, which I continue to enjoy:


  • With the cele gear, Sigil of Concentration, and food such as the Birthday Cake or Oyster Soup,  this provides 1.5 sec of Quick & Alac per shatter, with the Quick being shared to 5 people. 
  • Mirror heal with 12s CD is more reliable than the Ether signet.
  • Mirror Images definitely feels better than Domination signet. Perhaps in long fights Domination is better, I don't know.
  • I have scepter/sword for the second weapons, but almost never see a reason or opportunity to use them.




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