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ANet could give professions "missing" weapons instead of elite specs

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eh, I always thought "caster"  classes should have had focus as a main hand weapon.  functionally I suppose it would act the same as a scepter.
Mesmer with hammer: I could see dazing potential, perhaps not as elegant as the other Mesmer weapons... Hit 'em till they see butterflies.

don't forget the folks who want spears and tridents on land.  Lots of skewering, and tossing, savage poking.
(the spear gun really is just an underwater rifle, I wouldn't port that to land personally)

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The whole idea with Elite Specs was to make balancing a bit easier by cordoning off new skills added, limiting potential interactions. What you're suggesting might seem like less work initially, but will just create more work for the balancing team in the future.

Only thing I can imagine is giving one or two to fill up gaps in Core Professions that have a very limited selection right now. For example, an extra condi weapon for Revenant to alternate with Mace/Axe (kitten because their initial design did not have weapon swap) or another main hand weapon for Engineer (So that they can add off-hand weapons in Elite Specs without requiring main-hand Pistol).

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18 hours ago, gkoogz.3089 said:

Give Ranger pistol etc. Keep going until every class can use every weapon in every hand.

Give a ranger an experimental  pistol that its attacks will "break" after 5 uses when secondary (unnecessary) boss events are competed , they drop charges to enable that weapon.

It allows to destroy almost instantly (1-hit-ko) the secondary boss's henchmen , or  attack the boss while he has i-frames  , or avoid a huge aoe survive-sequence of attacks.

Essentially sacrifice the second weapon slot (less damage) , but clearing faster  the secondary mechanics , with more spectacular way

The 2nd attack allows to "charge it" for some Bull Charge + self-lifted-up hook (Aksan from LoL).

The 3rd attack enables the players that where nearby when you charged the second attack to go go on hook too(they should press F5 quick and hopefully not get yeeted out from the Soo-Won Arena) , and their auto attacks have increased auto-attack speed , mid air.

Also Warriors can equip Experimental Shields , where they tilt them and people can hop on your shield like Jumping Pads (rangers dont need to waste a charge to get self-lifted-up) . Or each player hops in the back of the last (second player can cast F5-jump twice , but teleported 300 yards on the right) and all players gain i-frame and "spear down" the boss as the come down from different directions and heights in a cinematography-Zack Snyder shot



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I don't think giving every profession every weapon would work (especially since the number of weapons they can use is supposed to be one of the warrior's features) but I think some additions which could work, and they don't necessarily need to be tied to a whole elite spec. Balance would be an issue, but in a way it might be easier to balance them if it's just new weapon skills and not all the other stuff which comes with an elite spec.

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5 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

Silly me, limiting it to pairs of one-handed weapons. If people in movies can dual-wield rifles without magic I'm sure Tyrians can figure out dual wielding longbows. 😆

Greatsword is a ranged weapon. Maybe longbows could stab enemies and garrote them.

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     I would be all for this if it did come to pass. There is a lot of weapon combos that could be added slowly to give more variety to the game's combat scene. They could even fix up some none used ones while they are at it for a buff pass. I doubt this going to happen though, but if I am proven wrong,  then I would gladly take that loss.

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