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Balance Splits In The Skills And Traits API

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With the recent balance changes to the game introducing more game mode splits including functional splits information in the API is becoming less clear.
Restoring Reprieve for example applies Protection and Resolution in PvE, but Aegis in PvP and WvW. The API lists all three boons with no indication as to where each boon is applied.

With numerical splits it is usually possible to figure out what splits apply in which game mode as numerical values are listed in order of PvE -> PvP -> WvW (e.g. Zealous Scepter). Unfortunately, it's not always consistent and as more rebalancing happens this becomes very inconsistent/new changes tend to appear at the top of the response regardless of game mode. 

Some kind of tag to distinguish what applies in which game mode would be very useful!


As a more general query I'm curious if there are plans to update the skills and traits API overall as there is currently a lot of missing/incomplete information especially when it comes to conditional skills and trait/skill or trait/trait interactions.


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