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The Berserker I wanna play


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Berserk mode now functions like so: You are only able to enter berserk mode when you have 30 Adrenaline. While in berserk mode your adrenaline bar is a fire orange color and starts to deplete. You lose adrenaline at a progressively faster rate each second the longer you stay in berserk mode (1, then 2, then 3, etc). Primal Burst skills no longer cost adrenaline and still count as level 1 bursts. CD is now 10s. Exit Berserk mode when your adrenaline is depleted. Rage skills no longer increase the duration of Berserk Mode


Sundering Leap: Now has a 1/2s evade

Wild Blow: Return the launch

Skull Grinder: Now a leap finisher. Blindness removed. 




Dead or Alive: Gain Blood Reckoning when entering berserk mode.


Blind Rage: While in Berserk Mode, Blindness causes Fumble instead of a Miss


Savage Instinct: Entering Berserk mode now breaks stun and grants a greater Barrier




Bloody Roar: Gain Resistance, deal damage, and burn nearby foes when entering berserk mode. This counts as a primal burst skill and blast finisher. (1/2s activation) 


Short Temper: Reduce the CD of rage skills _ seconds each time your attacks are ineffective (Your attacks miss, fumble, are blocked, evades, or strike invulnerabile foes).


Blood Reaction: You may enter berserk mode with any amount of adrenaline. 




Smash Brawler: Primal burst skills now have the three adrenaline tiers of strength and trait interactions. If your adrenaline is at least 50% of the way to the next tier, the greater tier is used. 


King of Fires: Combo Finishers grant you a fire aura. Berserker skills detonate fire auras if an enemy is within range, damaging and burning nearby foes. 


Eternal Champion: Gain Stability when you enter Berserk Mode. You are now able to exit berserk mode on command. Traits that trigger when entering berserk mode also trigger while exiting. 

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At this point I would rework the berserker from 0, since the changes it has felt uncomfortable to use in combat, somewhat clumsy and from the beginning it caused problems, you knew that you either put all the damage in the world on it or it would be rubbish and now it is almost immortal and it's still uncomfortable to use (in axes you just try to spam f1 as much as possible, what mrd of design is that?), I don't care how broken it can be, for me it's rubbish now, I preferred the previous one before everything the stupid pointless nerfs he got from complaints that he had too fast animations, how stupid the balance team could be for logic there is, they literally have nonsense like invisible attacks that you have no way to avoid, because they don't even reveal themselves when they miss and attacks that don't even have visible or perceptible animation and something that shines everywhere warning of the attack nerfs it, and the other crap doesn't? That's already stupid in all logic.

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The Berserker I'd want to play simply is one that hits decently hard, while it also burns a lot with Longbow and Torch for decent damage. Warrior doesn't bring anything else worthwhile to the proverbial table, so at the very least they ought to deal fine damage.

I have no specific trait ideas, but tuning up numbers and adding more stacks of Burning to Longbow and Torch would ideally do it.

I doubt we'll ever see such beneficial changes to our profession though.

11 hours ago, Lan Deathrider.5910 said:

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The Berserker that I want is a DPS powerhouse that has nonstop action. I think The F2 to exit Berserk Mode should be baseline, but the GM traits all affect in different ways:

Bloody Roar: Gain resistance on exit. Gain the damage boost from the trait for 10s upon exit.

KoF: Gain and detonate a Fire Aura upon Exit (has a separate 15s CD).

EC: As is.

From there the power coefficients on all the primal bursts need to be increased, but mainly Gunflame, Arc Divider, and Decapitate. Especially in Competitive modes. Berserker is a pure DPS spec and should bench like it whether it is condi or power damage.

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its just been overly nerfed and neglected, like most of warrior, compiled nerfs over the years. maybe people forgot but we just came out of years of unplayability, and most of the results from that still stick today.


some people think that returning core bursts returned berserker to the way it originally was but truth is, many things were taken from it over the years, huge power coefficient shaves primarily, conidtion removal and shaves. as well as multiple nerfs and shaves to core warrior thats been piled up.


sure its more up to speed now with recent positive changes, but doesn't mean its still not lacking.


warrior's counterplay used to be that you had enough damage to close the fight after playing the melee struggle, and if you failed that you ultimately died,


after that following years of nerfs and neglect, after you play the melee struggle you just die,


and now after some recent long overdue positive changes, in today's iteration of warrior, you play the melee struggle and you just die.. slow.


big damage was a defining feature of warrior gameplay for years. it was the reward for the melee struggle. now, its still just the melee struggle.


you spend all that time and effort chasing your opponent around, to in the end, ultimately die slowly. 🤣

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