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Some ideas for dagger/dagger Spellbreaker and hammer Berserker builds


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TLDR: Ideas for two new builds - power dagger/dagger Spellbreaker as highest single target damage weaponset on Spellbreaker (but only slightly above dagger/axe variant's damage - ideally within 5-10% difference)
and condition hammer Berserker that triggers King of Fires trait by blasting fire fields which is main focus of the new and more bursty condition build.

If you are interested in such builds, below are more details about changes with some comments. Let me know what you think, it is possible I missed some super overpowered interactions or something. I might edit this post to improve or fix some suggesstions.


It would be cool and fun to have another options available for already existing specializations. These ideas/changes are mainly PvE focused but they should have also impact on competetive modes (with proper numbers). I should also mention that I haven't thought about actual full rotations of these new builds (dagger/dagger Spellbreaker rotation should be similar to dagger/axe). To make these rotations work as intended, more changes would be probably needed than what is mentioned in this post.


Currently, dagger offhand is not used that much compared to axe offhand. Main reason is worse damage and impractical conditional effect on dagger 4th skill requiring target not to cast any skill for maximum damage. Reflect effect on dagger 5th skill has also small gap at the beginning which makes this reflect unreliable.
The idea is to create build that uses dagger/dagger and hammer or greatsword as main weapons to achieve best single target damage as Spellbreaker. However, the difference in damage shouldn't be too big to avoid trivializing axe offhand - ideally not more than 5-10% damage difference on a single target. The goal is to have an alternative build that isn't significantly worse than the other build. Axe offhand would still retain its advantage of having better cleave.

Offhand dagger:

Wastrel's Ruin:

  • change 100% bonus damage to apply against boonless targets (so the skill is more practical in more situations)
  • increase base damage significantly (to bring dagger offhand slightly above axe offhand as single target damage weapon)
  • change this skill so that it removes 1 boon when it hits target that is casting a skill (this change is aimed mostly at competetive modes)

This skill is single target and has range of 130 units. It should be more potent with such limitations.


  • change the reflect effect to start immediately upon skill activation (to improve reliability and practicality of the reflect effect)
  • increase damage appropriately (to help dagger offhand be slightly above axe offhand in terms of damage)

Comment: The issue that could arise from these changes is that axe offhand would probably replace greatsword for even higher damage. Hammer has its place in hammer Spellbreaker build thanks to great synergies with Defense traitline and high uptime of Attacker's Insight stacks. However, greatsword Spellbreaker build that uses Tactics traitline would be most likely significantly stronger with axe offhand instead of greatsword. A possible solution to deal with this is to tone down Warrior's Cunning trait and improve core greatsword abilities. Unfortunately, this would result in nerf to other warrior builds that use Warrior's Cunning trait and don't use greatsword to compensate for the nerf. These builds would need to be looked at separately (e.g. Bladesworn build).


Current sword/torch and longbow condi Berserker dps build has quite slow damage ramp up compared to other specializations, but over time it can output reasonable numbers. This build has therefore more sustained damage that is ramped up slowly. Warrior is lacking bursty condition build that is capable of dealing with short fights or fights with many phases. The aim of changes below is to create new bursty condition build that uses hammer and longbow. This build is supposed to stack lots of burning stacks fast thanks to King of Fires change.


Rupturing Smash:

  • in addition to current effects, add XY burning stacks to this skill (XY number depends on the performance of the build)


King of Fires:

  • instead of detonating fire aura, this trait applies burning to enemies within range when blasting a fire field

Utility skills:

Sundering Leap:

  • change leap finisher to blast finisher

Wild Blow:

  • add blast finisher effect to this skill

Comment: Theoretically, Berserker has access to maximum of 9 blast finishers in combat - 3 on utility skills, 1 on elite, 1 on core hammer burst skill, 2 on hammer primal burst skill when also using Blood Reckoning, and maximum of 2 on other weapons. Assuming King of Fires trait would apply 3 burning stacks per blast finisher, that is maximum of 27 burning stacks when using all blast finisher skills (just from the King of Fires trait alone). This is exaggerated because using all 9 blasts in a row is not very realistic (also, triggered burning from the trait would start to expire before finishing all 9 blasts). But theoretically let's go with 9 finishers. This also means 27 stacks of might for 5 people near. Such might upkeep would be very strong, perhaps too strong(?). There would be interesting synergies with generating so much might, for example Might Makes Right, Mending Might (with Phalanx Strenght for even more healing when allies are near). But remember, this is just theoretical, it includes blasting with Battle Standard and core burst skill, every blast finisher in a row.

The reason for hammer (besides being a cool weapon) is because of how unused weapon it has been on Berserker and because of blast finishers being available frequently. Hammer has also great synergies with Defense traitline which might open possibilities for hybrid builds. Longbow being already great condition weapon has 2 blast finishers which would make it a great pair with hammer. Bursty condition Hambow Berserker PvE build. Even in competetive modes, this could work if the idea is properly refined. Even weapons like offhand warhorn might be interesting with changed King of Fires interaction.

However, the issue with these changes might be the performance of sword/torch and longbow build compared to hammer and longbow build. It could happen that old build (sword/torch and longbow) would benefit the King of Fires change more, resulting in being better in every way. This could be probably controlled by adjusting XY amount of burning stacks on hammer's primal burst.


Uf, this took longer than I thought. Trying to go deep into balance and its possible interactions is quite exhausting and time consuming... 😰

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