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Mesmer Keeps Getting Worse


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6 hours ago, Sleepwalker.1398 said:

Kill a guard or something to get credit.

I don't know of other still works but what i would do if I couldn't get to the lord's room is harvest 1 node. By harvesting the 1 node it would make me eligible exp when the keep/tower flipped. 

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On 3/5/2023 at 2:00 PM, Burnfall.9573 said:

Nothing can be done

Everytime you get the chance, attack thief with extreme prejudice.  Doesn't matter if you die from a blob... take out the thief and make sure he/she knows who did it.


There is one thief, deadeye, diamond legend.... has been called "suspect" quite a few times.  When I see the person, I teleport close to him, turn him into a moa... burst him, and just as he is about to revert to normal form I throw a target painter. 

He dies. 

Now I see him stand way off in the distance when i am around and he wont attack.


I have been so aggressive against thief classes that many just run away at the sight of me coming at them. 


But that is the trick. You go super hard against then. They are so used to being the aggressor that they are unable to cope when they are on the defensive against someone worse than them. 



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11 hours ago, Sleepwalker.1398 said:

That thief clip you posted is the most absurd bs i have ever heard.

Does not seem like there was any communication between thief and commander to send in a mes first to get more ppl in and he's not even in a squad and then he's cry about missing out on a tower.
Kill a guard or something to get credit.


Mesmer Profession can not abuse or exploit their Portal. In fact, Thief Profession on the other hand, are given full privilege to abuse/exploit their skills, mechanics at will....without having any serious consequence whatsoever.


Side note:


Again it is very insulting and wrong that Anet removed Mesmer Profession 2nd dodge because it was allowing them to abuse/exploit their Profession...while Thief Profession for the past `10 years haven't gotten any of their skills/mechanics removed like Stealth??


Why Not!


For The Past 10 Years, Do You know What Profession, Skill, Mechanic That Is The Most Favored Choice For Abuse/Exploiters In The Game?


It is not Mesmer nor their Portal, nor any of their mechanics/skills...


It is Thief Profession with their mechanics and skills  and Stealth


Absolutely No Punishment Whatsoever For The Most Notorious Profession In The Game!!


What is there to cry about when a game company allows and defends a privilege Profession to abuse/exploit in front of their players who are following their rules and policies?


Not even a single wall was broken while Thief Profession was given Privilege to port inside while everyone was outside!!

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