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[NA/18+/PVE] Find your family in The Gryphons Aerie [REST], your home away from home since 2011!


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Our Mission:

To provide a comfortable home where everyone can feel accepted and welcome for who they are regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, religion, and whatever else the society of the real world passes judgment upon.


Playstyle: Casual/Semi-casual, Social PvE

Recruiting: PvE (e.g., Dungeons, Fractals, Raids, Strikes) players, aged 18+, of any experience level who are interested in participating in, running or teaching PvE events or any other activity that may not have been listed.

Website: https://www.thegryphonsaerie.com

VOIP: Discord (voice channels are 100% optional, but it’s always nice to see friendly faces even if they’re just listening in!)

Primary Time Zone/Peak Hours: US Eastern/Daily Reset

Server Location: NA

Guild Size: Small

Guild Hall: Isle of Reflection - Fully upgraded

In-game Leadership Contacts: AriaSilverfyre.8702 “Aria”, sonofall.6759 “Sono”, BoopSanders.6025 ”Aero”, Miggsy.9431 “Miggsy”

What do we value?

We believe that Real-Life comes before the game.

We love Guild Wars 2 and feel ArenaNet has given us a wonderful world to explore and enjoy together.

We wish to enjoy the game together and help all others do the same.

We enjoy succeeding as a group and playing cooperatively, while forging close bonds of friendship that go beyond just playing a game together.

What Makes Us Unique?

We Take a “Quality over Quantity” Approach.

New recruits join on a trial membership basis to introduce the potential gryphon to our guild and the culture we've created. We feel this gives everyone an opportunity to meet with current members, create strong relationships, and determine if the guild is a good “fit” without feeling too much pressure. We base our membership around a person’s character through observation of their behavior and treatment of others in accordance with our standards outlined on the website.


We firmly believe that it's the members that make the guild, not the leadership.

The Gryphons Aerie was built to include all people, regardless of ethnicity, culture, gender-identity, sexuality, or experience level. We do our best to accommodate and support the varying needs of an individual as they arise (e.g.Those with disabilities, who are neurodivergent, or who are dealing with anxiety and/or depression). We welcome and encourage everyone to share any and all suggestions and their feedback in our efforts to strengthen our guild and benefit our members.

Our members are actively involved with our guild decisions. We are always soliciting feedback and recommendations to ensure that the guild is the best version of itself that it can be.

We take great pride in helping our fellow Gryphons; no task is too small or trivial. We specialize in PvE content and take time to assist guild members with a variety of goals, ranging from personal quests, Fractals, Dungeons, Map Completion, Leveling, and even Gear Acquisition.

Our members are encouraged and rewarded for participating in or running guild events through a specially designed "Reward Track" with rewards such as . crafting materials, gear, agony infusions, minis, etc.


We are a LGBTAIQ+ Supportive Guild.

Our members, including the leadership team, either fall into, or support those within one or more of these categories. We do not tolerate any form of harassment, derogatory or inflammatory messages or jokes, and other communication meant to insult others.

Engaging in such behavior will result in immediate dismissal.


Everyone is encouraged to play their own way.

Everyone’s style of play is different, so our goal is to let people play in their own way without feeling pressured to adhere to things such as“meta” builds or having every mastery unlocked.

Our events always will bend a little to everyone’s needs, whether it’s taking time to get someone a specific achievement, helping people reach personal goals (even if it’s collecting a full stack of 250 broken spoons), or explaining fractals from level 1-100.

Everyone is encouraged to relax and shine in their own way, without being pressured to like speed run, use exploits or have the latest gear. Games are made to have fun, so less violence and more violets we say!

Who Are We Looking For?

We are primarily recruiting players who are interested in PvE events and content - in particular, Fractals, Dungeons, Meta-Events, and the occasional Raid- who wish to be more than just a name on a roster. Any member can both participate in or run pre-planned or impromptu events, or just spend time on discord or chatting in-game while working on their own adventures and goals.


We are also looking for more friends willing to step up and lead others through the variety of content available and who want to also are willing to put in the effort in order to prepare themselves to progress to higher tier content (e.g., T3 or T4 Fractals, Raid-training, etc).


Although our primary timezone is US Eastern, we are always looking for players in other timezones who are willing to join or run events.


We welcome all players, whether they are new to Guild Wars 2, returning after a long time away, or are an experienced veteran looking to help us build our guild to reach new heights!

"The Gryphons Aerie sounds perfect for me! How Do I Join!?"

Applicants must be aged 18 years or older.

Interested players must register on our guild forum (linked in the TL:DR) and complete a short application to be considered for membership. The application only requests general information that we use to implement and maintain our “Quality over Quantity” approach.

All members are required to read and abide by our Guild Rules and Members’ Bill of Rights as posted on our guild website/forum, as well as adhere to the EULA of GW2 set in place by ArenaNet.

All members are expected to act with dignity and treat others with respect and honor in all aspects of their game play while representing our guild.

All members must join and use our Discord server. Although the use of voice channels is 100% optional, we do use Discord chat channels to aid in communication and strengthen our friendships in and out of the game.


For more information, please visit our Guild Website. We are available to answer any questions you may have; feel free to contact us here or in game. We would love to chat with you!

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