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What gear do I get for my Necro?


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Berserker is probably some of the cheapest and quickest to get through early content with. 

PvP doesn't use conventional gear, so it doesn't matter for that - you can jump into that at any level and select normalised stat sets via the PvP Panel through the PvP Amulet system.


As for instanced content later, that depends on what Elite Spec you want to play by then, Power DPS with Berserker (Reaper) probably being the cheapest way to get started with Exotics.

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From experience, you don't need to buy gear to do the personal story. Personally, whenever I create a new character, I just use whatever reward I get and it usually goes pretty well.

You should think about buying gear only if you are at maximum level and have a definite gameplay that you want to stick to. Even then, you can do the core storyline with mismatched green and blue gear which are random drops.

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Not really. Berserker gear is for power specs, so for Reaper, not Harb or Scourge.

Condi variants need viper gear which you need to craft, though you can get mats for it from Trading Post.
Not sure about recipies though.

For support Harb (quickness) Ritualist gear is bees knees, but that too requires you to do some work in EoD maps (at least for insignia/inscription) recipies.

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