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When will LFG be reworked? It has been the same system forever. A few things that could make this better I will list below. Feel free to add your own input.

1. When creating LFG, you have a small list of suggestions you can use based on the map you are in. For example, in arborstone, you can choose from Strike Missions, or any of the EOD maps. No having to search for your category.

2. When looking for group, LFG only displays relevant categories where people have posted lfg. For example, posts in raids, strikes, etc will be shown if people have posted to them. Otherwise, you don’t see everything else. A click of a button can switch between smart lfg and the whole list of categories like we have now.

3. Automatic role selection. If you post for a group, specify if you need supports, dps, and how many. People can choose that specific role when joining which takes it off lfg. A person leaving that role will automatically post that role back to lfg.

4. Specify other parameters, such as profession requirements, title requirements, experience requirements, etc.

5. You can specify specific encounters, such as world bosses, strike bosses, metas, HP trains, etc. These can be integrated into the lfg, making them selectable, searchable or more easily seen as to what the encounter is. This way they could even be translated for people, making it easier to understand for everyone what the encounter is.

6. Specify difficulty/experience level. You can select from “Beginner”, “Some experience”, “Very experienced”, and this will appear by the posting. This can also be translated among languages. Perhaps there can even be a way that allows certain criteria for an account to be allowed in a certain difficulty level, such as # of completions, time spent on encounter, etc.

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