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Guardian FB support wvw serious complaint over 10k hours


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Its dire i came back to play again because after the original changed i quit playing for months after playing since launch, its not fun to play any more, idk wat ur thinking but i suggest u don't, as the original FB was fine, it really is horrible to play now, its a real shame, its like a failed artist that has to keep touching and dabbling but in the long run destroying something that was originally a beautiful creation.   

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I don't see a real issue, the original FB was brokenly powerful and godlike in the right hands. Just like other classes they have either been reworked or nuked In to a crater compared to what they used to be. 

Maybe it's time to try something new? 

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I personnaly like how it is now , whenever you entered a tome you had to burn all skills anyway , then go on the freaking long cd to have it again , now you can use any skill , any tome whenever you want and have to manage your "mana" .

It is more clever to play and less spammy , at least for pve.

Try a bit more , i too was really puzzled when i saw how it would work , but after a few hours of play you can get use to it .

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