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Chrono - STM & Shatter Storm


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I want to make sure I understand this interaction: Chrono with Seize the Moment grandmaster shares out quickness on  shatters. But if in Illusions I choose the Shatter Storm trait, then F1 changes from Split Second to Bladesong Harmony, and the tooltip no longer shows F1 as granting quickness or alacrity.

So, is this a tooltip error, or does using Shatter Storm actually prevent sharing of quick/alac on F1 use?


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9 hours ago, katte nici.9483 said:

The tooltip is an error but I haven't tested if it also stops sharing quickness. My guess is it's just the tooltip that is wrong.

Looks like you are right - I tested it near an NPC and they still got quickness, so it must be only a tooltip error. Surprised there was no mention of it on the wiki. 

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