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Ascended backpacks

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It's been a while since I used lws3 maps to gather the map "currency" item to exchange for a backpack.


I forgot there was a daily limit.

But the question is:

Is it on all maps?


I'm not sure if Bitterfrost also has a daily limit on berries?

Would it be quicker to gather pearls from chests in siren landing?

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   Bitterfrost is overall the best map to get ascended items; provides a ring (which can be infused to stack two of them), an ear ring, the back piece and the underwater breather (which can be salvaged to craft the Ball of Dark Energy. required for legendary items). All of them in a map which allows to gather ~50+ winterberries x character x day (while stacking large amounts of unbound magic in the proccess).

   Other notable maps include Bloodstone Fen (way less convenient to farm since the nerfs of the rewards, but their gear can be reset in stats), Sandswept Islands,  Dragonfall and Bjora Marches (Ember Bays has a pass as one of the few which provides ear rings, but the others named previously are better).

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