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So how about Flamethrower?


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I know it's a war crime to use a flamethrower but does the Geneva Convention really apply to gw2 as well?

Anyone still use this thing or have a build that can use it properly in any game mode? Seems to fall miles behind explosives and feels like there's no reason to take it anymore.

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If you’re talking meta picks it only really has a spot in condi piano builds, and as potential utility for heal builds.  

It is for sure the best third utility for Condi Alac Mech as it’s our third best utility for condi applications(SCS not too far behind but much slower ramp up).  Same with cHolo.  For cMech Shift signet beats it out (napalm actually took a nerf on EOD launch which changed this iirc).


It’s also used on HAM for faster might ramp up, 6s cooldown blast for light/water/fire fields, and air blast for cc/push.  And the blind can be used for adds.  Quite a useful tool.  This is also why it’s taken over bomb kit on the Cele Mech builds even though bomb would be higher damage.


It has for sure fallen behind, mainly due to various nerfs.  But it does still get regular use by me being on 3 different build templates.

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31 minutes ago, Stalima.5490 said:

Well it still has a use to confuse that one guy during the story who can't understand why you would have your own flamethrower

Ironically, if it's who I think it is, his flamethrower is still more effective against the obstacle than yours IIRC.

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I've made a build last evening just to see how far you can get with FT camping. Core is mediocre as usual. However combined with the Mechanist, I ended up at ridiculously 13.3k (full buffs). Given the fact that you just mash skills 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 off cooldown, camp FT 100 % and run Juggernaut, this is imo pretty good.

And on self-buffs? Around 8.6k, still acceptable. This can get your through most of the PVE content. If you do not believe me, try it out yourselves: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PegAoqlFwgZusOWMOKLbxKA-zRZYNJNgZQVyKGSdMinAhKAtzCPTbAA-e

Note: Why not Recitifier Signet? When you are on alacrity, it is off CD before the Grenadier resets. The elixir solves this 'issue'. No need to think, just mash buttons xD.

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Right now I am having fun with Holo and use something like this for PvE open world :




Good enough power damage to clean trash mob,  good survivability and good condition damage as long as you're not against a mob immune to fire (but honestly these type of mobs are rare anyway). And before someone make this remark, yes I know I am overcapping burn duration but I am lazy, I wanted a cheap rune option and I dont know a lot of runes that allows me to reach 100% fire duration. Rune of Baelfire could probably be an alternative I dont know.


Has a pretty simple rotation


Elixir U for stability and quickness to ensure you wont get interrupted ---> pistol 4 + 3 + 2 ---> (during pistol 2 animation) FT kit 4 + 2 (blast inside the fire area for might) + 3--->Holoforge 3 (stack up vulnerability and might) + 4 (do it inside the fire area for projectile combo and more burning). Afterward you just use pistol 2 and FT 2 + 3 (you can use FT auto attack once or twice if you're lazy and it applies burning as well) as a filler until you can repeat the rotation above.


You decide whether or not you need an extra survivability kit and if you feel you need it, then use hard light arena. However use it when above 50% heat for the extended skill duration (above 100% if you care about people around you). As for prime light beam, I mainly keep it for CC purpose but you can also use it as a DPS addition. Ideally you will want to use the skill when above 100% heat for the extra damage but above 50% heat should be good enough just to apply extra burn tick.


I have soloed boss with this build and it can relatively easily reach 25 burn stack.


Alternative skill:


-Elixir H for healing instead of healing turret. Trade 2 cleanse for perma protection. Depending on the encounter you may want to take Prismatic converter instead of Solar lens for the cleanse on exiting photon forge. 


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19 hours ago, Ghos.1326 said:

Still has decent damage output for pvp running power.

but you have to sacrifice all defense for it, which is fine.

Yeah if you want a die hard, to the end, flame thrower lover have a chat with god king a.... something or other.
He runs it in a dueling tanky condi build (core)  and has a power scrapper build with it.   He's like the only one I know though who is competitive on the power side.

I think his power uses firearms and then Juggernaut GM, also bottom 3 for scrapper.

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