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Looking For Guild -- English Speaking -- Raid Focused -- Returning Player Friendly


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Hi there, I'm Chris, 32 from the UK and i'm looking for a non Elitist guild that can help me get into Raids to ultimately work towards my legendary Armour.
I used to main Thief but wanted to play more of a support so now play a QFB Guardian, i haven't yet geared it with ascended but plan to do this with a build and gear ultimately for raiding - i'm happy to adapt do a Guilds requirements / needs.
I'm very friendly and a quick learner and use Discord everyday.
i have done raids in the past - successfully, but it's been about a year since i played GW2 so looking for people who don't mind explaining a few Raid mechanics during a run, nad if possible, people with Legendary Armour experience also.

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