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I feel like we need more variety in warclaw skins

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On 2/28/2023 at 1:38 AM, Erich.1783 said:

I would think that it would be relatively easy to adjust some of the jackal skins to the warclaw.

Thats what I always think when a new jackal skin comes out. Like "Oh come on, couldnt that have been a warclaw skin for once?" Do ppl even use jackal? Isnt it either just raptor, bug or skyscale by now?

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Pretty jelly seeing some of the unique skins jackal gets, and I don't even think that many people even use them, so kind of a waste. Why use jackal when there's like 4 other mounts with better movement and not everywhere has portals that requires them....

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5 hours ago, babana.7521 said:

The only warclaw skin I want for wvw is an invisible warclaw skin. 
I don't understand why we have all those flashy skin where enemy can see you from miles away. 

asserting dominance

very much akin to running max height charr warrior with spikey hair 😁

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