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Dye Mechanist Mech?


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Can you please add dye options for Mechanist mechs?  Even if we can't dye the jade parts (I wish we could), it would be nice to be able to dye the gold bits the same as we can dye our mounts, outfits, and gliders.


This would be a nice way to at least give mechanist players some way to customize their mech without adding new mech skins entirely (which is another popular request but one that might not be realistic in the near future).


If we can dye the jade armor outfits, back items, and mounts, I think it would be totally doable to allow us to dye our mechs!  And this would also be nice for non-mechanist players too who have to stare at the same giant green mechs all over the place lol!

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It does look ridiculous seeing the same giant green robot everywhere, it's probably the only repetitive model that runs around with players in the game currently. I agree they need to at least let us dye it, or implement Ranger tech so we can "tame" other mechs. I refuse to even play the spec because how much I dislike the color green.

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