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PVP Guild Missions


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The system forces you to start your pvp Guild missions while in the PVP lobby. It's all PVP guild mission, stronghold or otherwise.  The timer starts when you activate the mission, and you have to activate the mission BEFORE the accept mission window comes up, as once that window comes up, it freezes your screen and you can't do anything until the mission is accepted by all 10 players.  That means that you have no control over how long your in the Queue, it could be 10 seconds or it could be longer than 10 minutes, in fact, it might try and launch several times but fail because someone doesn't accept the mission.  That window might hang up there for more than a minute alone.  Then, once in the start room, you have to wait until everyone checks ready, which happens once in a blue moon, the norm is you wait for the 2 minute counter to go down to zero and then you get the 10 second to start of match.  All this is detracting from your allotted time to finish the mission(s).
Let's say you have a 2 stronghold win mission, and you win the first one, now you go back to the lobby, wait again in queue for another match to launch.  This could again take as much as 10 minutes or more.  This flat out isn't fair.  The timer should start when the match actually starts, pause until the next match actually starts, etc, not force you to watch a timer count down while your standing and waiting.

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