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Is it a bug that the Golems at Caledon Forest "Help Zippti study the hyper-aggressive skritt" count towards the combat healer title achivement if you revive them?

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Question / report is in the title already. 


I asked google how to farm revives for the achivement and stumbled over this thread in another forum http://www.taultunleashed.com/guildwars2-guides/combat-healer-title-farm-t82845.html .


I tested it and you can actually make all the 5 golems go selft destruct and then make a chain to revive them all and gather 4-5 revives each time, depending on how fast you do it(seems that if you downed/revived an NPC, this NPC has to be dead for a minimum amount of time until the revive get's counted again).


So just to make sure im not abusing a forbidden / unknown exploit, I wanted to put the topic here.


Asked the support as well already via a Ticket, but only got a response saying that using a bot which automates inputs is not allowed and pointed me towards the forum to ask/report this.



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Thraumanova reaktor is the place to go, if you have to revive allies (there are others beside the title, e.g. one skyscale quest), douzends of dead Asura, dying faster than you can revive them 🙂

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