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Ok, so as per a previous post, I suffered a head injury back in 2020, so I often take long breaks from the game while I balance my computer time with the medication I take. I tend to login and check out new releases etc when I see something in my Google feed that piques my interest.
What has become a predictable trope now though, is that my Thief main across every single update in three years has had some kind of nerf or fundamental change that sucks the fun out of it in PvE. The latest of which that I've noticed is that 1/4 of my initiative bar is now gone, making my Dual Pistols Deadeye build absolutely painful to play.

Is there any chance that the Dev team can knock it off, I get that PvP needs balancing, but you've demonstrated that you're perfectly capable of having different PvE and PvP settings for characters and I'm less and less excited to return to the game each time for PvE because the PvP balancing has been prioritized over fun.

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3 hours ago, Tsumiju.3071 said:

I think there was a trait that awarded extra initiative that's been nerfed 

Preparedness is a minor in Trickery that gives three extra initiative. Maybe you don't have that Trait line slotted.

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