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Vision, dragon champion armor deadend

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Here is a pickle for ya:


I am doing the legendary trinket Vision and I am currently stuck on Visions of Dragonfall, Vision of Equipment: Dragon Champion Armor. I am missing the chest and leggings from the medium armor set so I am 4/6. The problem is I have already done those achievements like 2 years ago when I was doing my dragon mount but I chose a different type of armor (heavy) back then. The recipees I had them deleted, cuz I just don't care or bother to craft anything in this game. So I am stuck cuz I can't redo the achievements, I dont have the required part and I don't have the recipee either. Shouldn't the recipees be buyable from a merchant or something? That would solve things for me I guess.


Or, you know, just allow us wvwers and pvpers to have a pair of legendary earings via the gamemode we like to play, no?


Thanks in advance!

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