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[Bug] Storm Tracking -- Cannot make jumps at floaty end part with the space background [Merged]

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2 minutes ago, BlueDac.1724 said:

I'm getting the same no low gravity on the jumps, and no attacks while defending Blish.

That second part is a long-standing bug/feature. Just enjoy the effortless achievement. XD

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I have the same problem as well.  But, asking a friend or guildie for help as a workaround kinda spoils also the fun of being able to complete it using the game mechanics that are put in place for the player experiencing that story/episode.  I'll just wait for Anet to patch it so it gets fixed.  🙂

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On 3/1/2023 at 10:48 PM, Harrow.4862 said:

Can confirm, same issue here.



Was able to complete bugged mission with the bunny and the gryphon. Basically bunny launch yourself up and mount gryphon at peak of jump. Was able to skip first platform entirely and repeat this process multiple times until the end. The last three platforms I had to dive and fly under them until I hit right below the tear, which completed the mission. GL all!


It's crazy how big the tear's hitbox is. Took me forever but this tip helped me complete the mission as well despite the current low gravity bug. THANK YOU! ❤️ 

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I REALLY don't understand how this could be so hard to fix!  OR Even put a bandaid patch in to insure the buff is given upon death at that specific recall point! 

REALLY NO input/response from Arena.Net!  Maybe they don't realize this is part of the CORE expansion that has been paid for by all those using it.  Not to mention a "REQUIREMENT" of the Dragon mount!  *disgusted by the uncaring nature of this developer*

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