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Balance Request, Last Stand


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With Last Stand reducing the cd of stances by 10% it would be fine, plus its other effects.
Warrior stances get bogged down a lot, both in 1v1 and group fights and just aren't what warrior stances used to be anymore. And yes, only 10%, not the standard 20%.
each time it is translated more rare this helps D:

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i also feel stance cd's are too long at 40s and the downtime is just far too long for what they do.


i feel they should stick with what they're doing and reduce the cd's directly not relying on any trait.


i would very like to see them reduce the cd of greatsword and physical skills without relying on the traits.


greatsword in particular feels really fluid with the cooldown reduction from forceful greatsword. but awfully clunky without it.


list of traits that need to be brought up to speed in this manner is quite long still for warrior:


- peak performance: physical skills

- vigorous shouts: shout skills

- forceful greatsword: greatsword skills

- blademaster: sword skills

- roaring reveille: warhorn skills

- crackshot: rifle and longbow skills

- burst mastery: burst skills



every other class has more or less been worked on already in regards to this, while warrior's been stuck in the past, hope warrior gets updated in this regard too.




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