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You're invited! To a; Limited-Time opportunity with the Black Lion company

Did you know about the limited time opportunity?  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Did you know about the limited time opportunity?

    • Thank you! ^_^)/ I was unaware of this LIMITED TIME opportunity
    • I already knew about the LIMITED TIME opportunity and have taken full advan tage in this critical crucial moment.
    • ARENA NET!!!! MY MAILBOX IS SUFFERING!!!!!!! Please make it stop!!!!! AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhh

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5 minutes ago, Galmac.4680 said:

By the way, what do I buy there? These thing I can buy there won't show up in my inventory or wallet. Is there an achievement for that?

Yes there is an achievement, you buy 250 tickets for what ever material they want  and get the first weekly reward that is 5 black lion statuette

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