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THANK YOU for the gem store and black lion updates!

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I like that they're making more stuff available at once, and putting all the items of a given type on sale at the same time. That will make it easier to choose what I want.

I really like that the discounts will run for longer. I'm often away from home for work or personal stuff, or otherwise unable to get onto my PC every day so I often miss 1 day sales (especially around the game's anniversary because that's always a busy time of year for me). I've noticed recently some sales running for a surprisingly long time, but it's nice that they've made it official they're going to keep doing that.

They might need to do something about the promotions tab and other advertising though, or I need to figure out a different way to use it. I read the What Lines Beneath announcement and the linked March Sales blog on my phone on the way home yesterday and didn't think to look for another gem store announcement, then there was so much stuff in the promotions tab I didn't see the new jackal skin. Literally the first time I found out about it was when someone ran past me on one. (I don't want that skin, but I do want to know when there's new items so I can decide if I want them or not rather than just not knowing they existed.)

Although hopefully with the new scheduling it won't be as much of a problem if I don't notice something right away.

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