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Champion Axemaster Gwyllion

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Hello all,


I am looking for information on how to survive Champion Axemaster Gwyllion track attack? It's a red bulls eye above your head and the next moment you are instant dead.


No matter what you do, once you get tracked it seems you die? I even tried flying away from boss or under the island and he still one taps me. I tried hidding (which makes sense again a sniper). Nop. Shoots through bricks and wood. What is the mechanic here? Because there should be something we can do  against this no?


Thanks in advance.

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I did a small wiki search because it's been a while I didn't do this event. 

Basically, break his defience bar that appear before he throw his axe. 

If you don't know what is the defience bar, it's the blue bar below the hp and you deplete it by using crowd control abilities (stun, pull, knockdown, fear, etc...) 

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