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<EU> Looking for WvW oriented guild.

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Old dude has been playing on/off since release. Has been very active in other games pvp as well, but GW2 WvW has always spoken to me in a different way, so now I'm looking for a place to learn, evolve and enjoy this sort of gameplay.

My preffered guilds have always been the smaller sized ones, where you actually get to know each other, so giant gatherings of hundreds of players have no interest. English speaking is a must (unless there's a perfect danish-speaking guild out there 😉 ).

About me:
44 years of age, living in glorious Denmark
Chef by profession, Author by drive and ambition
Roleplayer by heart - although not necessarily in game


Experience (gaming):
DAoC - 20+ years, almost exclusively in RvR
WoW - 2-3 years of Arena
ArcheAge - 1+ year
GW2 - on/off since release, never had a dedicated group to run with, be it PvE or PvP(WvW)
EVE online - 2 years of stealth bombing


PvP (WvW) is the ambtion, so guilds that don't focus on this part of the game, really have no interest.

Classwise I'm a little fluid. Currently I have a Warrior and a Necromancer at max, but both Druid and Temlar seems appealing to me, so let me know what you need and I'll see if we're a match 🙂

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