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Full set of Exotic PvP gear showed up in my bag?

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I have a few non-main accounts with some characters on each, and I log them in (almost) every day for the free goodies. On one account, I logged in the character I usually login each day, and noticed a full set of exotic gear in their main bag, including underwater equipment, accessories, etc that had 'PvP' at the end of the title of each item.

Anyone know what that might be about? Don't recall opening any bag of "here's a full set of pvp stuff"?

Edit: Well that was weird. I decided to take that character (not yet 80, maybe 29-ish?) to the PvP lobby and it all disappeared and said something about being converted to the new wardrobe system. Guess it doesn't really matter now, but was curious if something in the patch caused that? The character is a guardian if that matters. The guardian on my main account had no such oddities, nor did the ranger on another non-main account.

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