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[All Game Modes] - Flame Turret Reworked into Corrosive Turret.

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A major issue with Flame Turret is that it does the same thing as Flamethrower but way worse so there's almost no reason to ever take it. Another major issue with this skill is the limited deployment options, what is the point of having a turret placed by your feet only to have it killed within two seconds by cleave damage? Bringing back the trait Deployable Turrets would help solve the survivability issues many of the turret skills have. The Experimental Turrets trait could also use a rework so it functions more like Gadgeteer and changes how the turrets function.

The best idea I've come up with so far is to rework Flame Turret into Corrosive Turret featuring boon rip/corrupt instead of burning and Throw Napalm into Throw Acid or something.

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