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Thank You for the New Update and Many Other Things

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I don't say this nearly enough but thank you for the new content Arenanet.

I didn't say so earlier but I have been really happy with the amount of new armor skins that came with the latest expansion. I've spent untold hours redesigning my character's looks around them. 
Every festival has had new items added to it, and I'd like to thank you for those too. I'm actually really excited to see what will be added in the next festival and I'm looking forward to finishing collections to get last years new skins. 

While  I spend most of my time exploring maps for transmutation charges and playing with my accumulated skins or designing new characters,  I really enjoyed the new map meta. It was challenging but still approachable and I want to spend more time there.

I really enjoyed the new eating animations from the party. The voice acting was fantastic making the characters seem believable. The commander's exhaustion was palpable. 
I want to thank you for all the hard work your team is putting in. 
This has been a  game I've enjoyed since launch and I really hope it continues to grow and succeed! 
Thank you so much!

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17 hours ago, lezbefriends.7516 said:

You farm transmutation charges for fun? Just farm legendary armor then, jeez.


But yes, I was happy for actual new content (felt newer than EOD cuz new arc without the dragon drama).

I actually don't do strikes or raids, in part because it's not fun content for me so Legendary Armor is out of reach for me.
I enjoy exploring the maps. I like helping random downed people I come across, and map chat can be pretty entertaining. I feel more part of a community. 
My experience with raids was spending a month making meta ascended armor, only to have the meta change a week later: joining a raid training guild and have the trainers rage quit after 5 tries.  Strikes were a little better, but most of them were not fun - even though I really like the skin rewards. I managed to get a few pieces of runic armor before giving up.  
Despite my experiences, I still think this stuff needs to be in the game. It brings a lot of joy to some people.

I am thankful for many things in the game, I just thought I should say something positive because there isn't a lot of that in the forum.

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