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Adjusted the Objective Scaling Rewards <---- Dear devs, can you detail a bit?

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58 minutes ago, LSD.4673 said:

This is the sort of lack of documentation you'd presume them to operate by on a daily basis.


Granted it's an assumption on our part to want access to the information, people are going to figure out how to game the system best anyway, so some transparency on their part would be welcomed. If they're always closely "watching the data" why not share it?


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2 hours ago, Blanche Neige.7241 said:

it would be interesting to know what are the adjustments....

The adjustments is that too many people were getting shards for defending paper smc, now you only get shards for defending t3 smc with gold participation. smc shards are for arenanet...maguuma .... the players that are on that server in Tier 1 that come in 1st place each week and hold t3 smc and other teams ebg keeps. >.>

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2 hours ago, T G.7496 said:

But why.

Who cares.

Just play the kitten game.

I think you're making the mistake of making yourself a template for mankind. If you don't get it, then just accept that there are a lot of people in this world who are just different than you. Anet needs to cater to these differences. Take out all the rewards of this game and watch how GW2 is shut down very quickly after.

The new rewards did one thing...a lot of people suddenl are playing WvW again. Not sure if that will last but at least it shows that rewards are a big motivator for a lot of people.

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