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[NA] Aussie looking for a guild pve/fractals/wvw

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I'm looking for a guild to join. At the moment I'm mainly interested in playing pve content (open world, fractals, things..) but would also participate in wvw or raiding.

Since I started playing again, I'm playing a guardian and have a bunch of other older characters from the old days.

I'm in my mid 40s and I'm currently living on sea of sorrows but will be willing to transfer servers. I play at pretty random times of the day mainly late at night (9pm+ aest -> 11am utc) and sometimes in the afternoon (1-5pm aest -> 3-7am utc). I have discord and I'm not afraid to use it 😅



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  • birmas.5382 changed the title to [NA] Aussie looking for a guild pve/fractals/wvw

If youre interested in WvW, my guild [LOFI] Beats to Relax and Study To is a WvW Fight Guild on HoD. We run Monday and Wednesday at 8:30pm EST (which is 12:30pm AEST on the next day) and on WvW Reset on Fridays (9pm EST/1pm AEST on the next day). We have some aussies that play with us as well.


Outside of WvW runs, we do SPvP/duels/roaming/pve/and other games.


If this sounds interesting, check out our recruitment post here


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