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SPOILERS in regards to new map!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else noticed that the massive tendrils with mouths (“mawed tendrils”) at the final boss area of the Deep are the same exact ones found around the Mouth of Torment in the Desolation.

The only difference is that the ones in the Deep have ley magic/energy going in or out of their mouths.


Please take a look at these pictures on Imgur I took to show the comparisons. I also added some other picture of my findings that I tin foil hat for fun.

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This map has a lot of asset reusage to the point it even has underwater Orr assets and upside down Jade waves for some reason inside the Hollow, so it's difficult to say they're just not pasting something randomly with the mushrooms. The tendrils however indeed are certainly related to Demons/Realm of Torment as per established lore, and though the Oni and Kanaxai specifically was the only demon in GW1 with no known affiliation (not part of Abbadon's, Dhuum's or Menzies' ranks), all demons do come from the Mists. But again we have asset reusage here with Aatxes and shades suddenly being native to anywhere in the Mists and not to the Underworld.

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