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Two players looking for casual LGBT+ friendly guild with a no story spoilers policy for all content

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My friend and I are looking for a guild to enjoy the game with.   We were part of a guild and we've been playing through the entire story together and taking our time with it doing zone completion as we go along.  We just made it to LW season 1 but our guild started discussing spoilers in chat and ruined some big stuff for us.  We were told that we should have already finished the game.  So now searching for a guild with a specific policy about story spoilers in place I've been led to the conclusion that it's not a common policy that guilds have, seems the opposite actually that most allow except the brand new content. 

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Hey there Technic.....here is a guild ad I post across the forums. You have plenty of options too. As for your request about no story spoilers, I dont think as long as I am in the game people have done that. All you get is people giving helpful advice on builds, crafting, general game help like "How do I do this or that" As for the LGTB+ we are just friendly to all...that works both ways too 🙂 As I said, people are respecful in the guild, those who arent, are told to leave or just get removed...we have a low tolerance for toxicity and drama. But your call 🙂 Ill drop the guild ad below and please reach out if you have any questions!!!


NA [CBo] Crimson Blackout & [PACK] Wolves Of War....yes, 2 guilds in one based on Sorrow's Furnace
Depending what you are looking for and what your commitment level wants to be, we have it here in [CBo] and [PACK]. 

[CBo] is an easy-going PvX guild that is working towards all game modes. We do WvW 2 nights a week on Fridays (reset) and Sundays 9pm EST, 8pm CST and 6pm PST. We are based on Sorrow's Furnace server. Tuesdays and Thursdays are now PvE nights where people play and learn Raids. Strikes are done DAILY and Fractals can also be done upon request, but we are currently putting together set times and days for them as I type 🙂

[PACK] is our WvW focused group. We run in WvW 5 nights a week. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun. We start at 9pm EST, 8pm CST and 6pm PST. You are required to run a minimal of 2 nights out of the 5. We use Teamspeak for comms and this is mandatory. You dont have to talk, but you have to be able to hear the commander and her call outs. Guild builds will be required and repping [PACK] on WvW nights is also required. We have trainings and even 1 on 1 sessions for anyone requiring or requesting them. We are more than happy to help new guild members get their Warclaw mount also.

We are a very open, inclusive and respectful guild, where all are welcome.
We also run random nights like Necro night, Ranger night, just something to have a laugh and a bit of fun with.

Please join us on TeamSpeak
Discord @ https://discord.gg/6e3zHBKZhk we use Discord as a website.
Please feel free to reach out to me in-game at Rantaine.4759 or on Discord at Dguvner#3035

P.S Transfers to SF are free if you haven't transferred before   or dirt cheaps at 500gems!!!

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