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Build for Condi Willbender Gs+Sw/T?


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Hi want to know if running Gs+Sw/T with mix of Sinister/Carrier and Balthazar runes is viable for instanced content, dont like scepter so I'm running this build the same as at SC, for OW looks nice but there all looks nice so want to know if somone tried something simmilar?

Sry for any grammar mistakes.😅

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Viable, yes.  Far from optimal, though.  The hardest part about running a Greatsword is that it becomes really easy to miss out on the trait Inner Fire.  That will require much more precise weapon swaps to get the timing down.  Otherwise, not going with Viper gear will lower your damage.  Each piece of viper gear has more total stats than either Sinister or Carrion, so it is better to build yourself with as many pieces of Viper gear as possible before using Sinister or Griever to fill out the rest.

There is... one thing I tried experimenting with.  I didn't use a greatsword, but I did try running a nearly-full griever build at one point.  That might work better here, because if you keep missing the timing for Inner Fire then it would be better to focus more on doing strike damage than going for pure conditions.  I say "nearly-full" because I had two viper pieces equipped, giving me enough condition duration to reach 100% burning duration with +100 expertise food.  In my limited testing full griever build did around 95% of the damage of the viper + sinister build, which meant that anybody watching probably couldn't tell I was being weird.  The only competitive edge that grievers has is in those rare circumstances where the enemy is immune to burning or cleanses conditions often, so don't expect it to become the new meta pick anytime soon.  Also, I tried it out because I'm decked out in full legendary gear, and could change my armor stats on a whim.  

EDIT: I swear my brain is melting.  I bring up the griever setup because it might be more forgiving if you're running Sword/Torch + Greatsword.  It exchanges condition damage for strike damage at a roughly equal ratio, so if you find yourself constantly missing Inner Fire then it might be worth it to invest more in doing strike damage.  The build would look something like this.

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