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Small logical fix


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Is it possible to fix scrapper synergy trait with med kit. 


The trait Kinectic accelerators  is supposed to give me fury and might everytime i give super speed without any ICD

but when using med kit, i get 13 sec of super speed that is cap at 10 sec, so already i waste 3 seconds because of the cap + since its over 10 sec i only get 1 proc of Kinetic accelerator.


While if use Gyroscopic Acceleration i get 2 buff of superspeed on gyro heal and proc twice the kinetic accelerator trait. 


Is there a way to make it so even when i roam on medkit i get 2 proc of kinectic accelerator? Because right now i am wasting what is suppose to be the 2 main sources of superspeed on scrapper if im not palying gyro and its kinda important in pvp for power build + because of the cap i waste 3 second of super speed just by choosing medkit. I'm sure yall can figure a way to make it so its more equal between every healing skill and the trait synergy. 


Sorry for bad grammar, english is my third language. 



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